Ptolemaic dynasty

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an ancient dynasty of Macedonian kings who ruled Egypt from 323 BC to 30 BC

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47) However, one possible answer to this question can be found in an examination of the history of the earliest days of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the period when the Ptolemaic Empire that Cleopatra was so keen to reconstitute was in its infancy.
Tem Hor lived in Upper Egypt between 250 and 200 BC during the Ptolemaic Dynasty and was named after the god Horus.
From the Royal Library of Alexandria during the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt to the monasteries of medieval Europe the concept of guarding knowledge in a safe place is time eternal.
With full color illustration as well as cataloguing and descriptive information about each object, the book contains a wealth of information on the coins, divided by ruler: Philip II, Alexander III, Philip II, Macedonia after the kings, the Persian kings, the Antigonid Dynasty, the Seleucid Dynasty, the Attalids, the Ptolemaic Dynasty, Lysimachus, and the Greek Dynasties in Bactria and India.
Who was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt?
The Ptolemaic dynasty ruled Egypt for almost three centuries, until Rome conquered the land.
Consequently, scholars faced with the staggering mass of unexcavated bronzes from the Late Period and the Ptolemaic Dynasty were at a loss to date them more precisely than 664-630 B.
On Ptolemaic portrait coins, statue heads, cameos, gems, and seals purported to provide portraits of the Ptolemaic dynasty see, generally, Sboronos; Kyrieleis; Neverov; Nicolaou and Mokholm; Smith; and Hazzard.
Alexandria was therefore an intellectual center of the first order, not only under the Ptolemaic dynasty, but also during the Roman Empire, despite the vicissitudes of history that eventually brought about its ruin.
Alexander also became incorporated into the religious framework of the Greeks of Egypt - a cult of Alexander was set up, which eventually became a dynastic cult,(19) thus firmly linking the Ptolemaic dynasty with Alexander.
Sources: Bevan, Edwyn, The House of Ptolemy: A History of Egypt Under the Ptolemaic Dynasty.
The Ptolemaic Dynasty, established by one of his generals after Alexander's death, would rule Egypt for three hundred years and the influence of Hellenism influenced the area and its people for much longer.
At this stage of the Ptolemaic dynasty, surviving as a monarch was a delicate balancing act between the machinations of one's inbred family, local politicians, ambitious courtiers, the Alexandrian 'rabble', let alone the threateningly expansionist Roman empire.
During the restoration process, archaeologists realised that the blocks date to the reign of King Tuthmosis III (1479-1425 BC) which means that the construction of the temple started under Egyptian rule and not during the Ptolemaic dynasty as was previously thought.
Philae was built during the Greco-Roman era under the Ptolemaic dynasty.