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A Pteropodidae fruit bats are thought to be the natural hosts.
Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are believed to be the natural host of the virus.
Un murcielago frugivoro, de la familia Pteropodidae, seria el receptaculo natural de virus
Pteropodidae [Rousettus aegyptiacus (Geoffroy, 1810)]
Few species of Phyllostomid bats have been kept captive by zoological gardens and research centers so far in comparison with species of Pteropodidae (e.
A new eastern limit of the Pacific Flying Fox, Pteropodidae Pteropus tonganus, (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae), in prehistoric Polynesia: A case of possible human transport and extirpation.
The study sample consists of skeletons of 10 extant bat species (N = 2-11, Families Pteropodidae, Phyllostomidae, and Vespertilionidae).
They are members of the suborder Megachiroptera and the family Pteropodidae.
Frugivorous bats in the Americas, which are distant genetically from bats of the family Pteropodidae, are independent reservoirs of RABV (4).
In fact most species of Pteropodidae, Emballonuridae, Molossidae, Mormoopidae, Noctilionidae and Phylostomidae do not depart from the general mammalian model (Eisenberg & Redford 1999).