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Sequence analysis of paramyxovirus sequences showed a clear bifurcation of the phylogenetic tree, segregating paramyxoviruses detected in pteropodid bats (Pteropodidae) from paramyxoviruses detected in bats of other families (Figure).
Our results suggest that 2 separate lineages were established during the evolution of bat-associated paramyxoviruses: the pteropodid bats potentially harbor 1 lineage, and the nonpteropodid bats potentially harbor the other.
This supports Fleming's (1993) argument that phyllostomids are more specialized feeders than pteropodids because of differences in the spatio-temporal availability of plant food resources.
In conclusion, flying foxes of the genus Pteropus in oceanic-island environments do not follow the same feeding strategies as do Neotropical fruit-eating bats and Paleotropical African pteropodids as suggested by Fleming (1982, 1986).
Understanding the ecology of Nipah virus in Pteropodid bats in Bangladesh.
Our study provides the first evidence that the 3 pteropodid bats on Madagascar (P.
To attempt to isolate and characterize the circulating viruses, a long-term survey among pteropodids is being conducted in the Moramanga District, where positive neutralization test serum specimens were obtained.
A similar pattern may be developing for paramyxoviruses (henipaviruses), whose hosts are pteropodid bats in the southwest Pacific (30).