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Neste subgrupo as especies preferenciais foram Aspidosperma polyneuron, Calliandra foliolosa, Cecropia pachystachya, Eugenia burkartiana, Ficus luschnathiana, Guarea kunthiana, Holocalyx balansae, Inga marginata, Inga venulosa, Jacaratia spinosa, Myrocarpus frondosus, Plinia rivularis, Psychotria carthagenensis, Sebastiania brasiliensis, Sebastiania commersoniana, Seguieria guaranitica, Trichilia catigua, Trichilia claussenii, Trichilia elegans e Urera baccifera.
Hallea stipulosa and Syzygium owariense were reasonably important in the lowest pressure stand while Nauclea diderrichii Cleistopholis patens, Psychotria articulata, Spondianthus preussi, and Anthocleista vogelii were minor and presented the lowest values of structural parameters through the three stands.
2003), Psychotria viridis (Quinteiro, Teixeira, Moraes, & Silva, 2006) and several representatives of Rondeletia analyzed by Kocsis et al.
The present study was conducted to determine the hepatic antioxidant responses and hematological parameters in juvenile African catfish Clarias gariepinus exposed to sublethal concentrations of Psychotria microphylla leaf extract.
I 1 III sylvestris Drypetes alba I 1 III Shrub layer Picramnia pentandra -- 1 V Casearia hirsuta -- 1 V Trophis racemosa -- 1 V Cupania glabra -- 1 V Licaria jamaicensis -- 1 IV Prunus myrtifolia -- 1 IV Calophyllum antillanum -- 1 III Guettarda calyptrata -- 1 III Coffea arabica -- 1 III Ocotea floribunda -- 1 III Erythroxylum areolatum -- 1 III Herbaceous layer Cupania americana -- 1 V Pharus glaber -- 1 V Adiantum trapeziforme -- 1 V Erythroxylum havanense -- 1 IV Pavonia spinifex -- 1 IV Oeceoclades maculata -- 1 IV Oplismenus setarius -- 1 IV Chrysophyllum oliviforme -- 1 III Psychotria sp.
Harmine, Harmaline and tetrahydroharmine, which act as MAOIs) contained in the vine Banisteriopsis caapi , which is boiled with the leafs of DMT containing plants, commonly used are Psychotria viridis, P.
The objectives of the present study were to isolate, characterize and identify cellulolytic and pectinolytic bacteria for possible future biotechnological applications and to select bacteria from Psychotria hoffmannseggiana in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais with antagonistic activity against OTA-producing A.
Galling insect distribution on Psychotria barbiflora (Rubiaceae) in a fragment of Atlantic Forest.
Indole alkaloids of Psychotria as multifunctional cholinesterases and monoamine oxidases inhibitors.
The decoction is usually made with Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis or B.
Advances in vitro propagation via somatic embryogenesis of Psychotria ipecacuanha (Brot.
Allen Cythaginaceae Nephelea mexicana Schlechtendal&Cham) Tryon Cythaginaceae Oreapanax capitatus Jacq derne& Planchon Araliaceae Oreapanax xalapensis (Kunth) Done& Pl Araliaceae Ostrya virginiana Mill Betulaceae Pavonia paniculada Car Malvaceae Persea americanaMill Lauraceae Persea sp Lauraceae Pinus patula Pinacea Piper auritum Kunth Piperaceae Piperla pathifolial Piperaceae Platanus mexicana Mori Platanaceae Podocarpus smatudai Lundell, Podocarpaceae Policoure apadifolia Rubiaceae Prunus serotina Ehremb Rosaceae Psidium guajaba L Mirtaceae Psychotria acuminata Benth Rubiaceae Pyrus comunis L Rosaceae Quercus acutifolia Nee Fagaceae Quercus candicans Nee Fagaceae Quercuscastanea Nee Fagaceae Quercus germana Chan.