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For instance, the authors make no real attempt to provide a psychological analysis of the murderers committed or at least the court deliberations about the cases.
So, we've been left to social scientific observation, psychological analysis, and anecdotal evidence represented in the inability to answer the question: "When did you decide to be heterosexual?
I appeal to our political leaders that we should not carry out psychological analysis of rape.
The film grants him neither mercy nor salvation, refraining from drawing into psychological analysis to paint him as a victim.
Why not just listen to what people are actually saying rather than trying to do some psychological analysis on what people might be thinking?
The psychological analysis run on the defendant revealed that he was tense and agitated at the time he was interviewed suggesting that he was not telling the truth.
Alterio has a gift for description as when she refers to coughs like fish bones "catching in the throat of a careless diner", and for psychological analysis as when Meg reflects that "her need for attention had outranked her common sense.
Sd and Omar were accused of insulting Morsy on air, when Omar presented her psychological analysis on prison inmates and the president, a former political prisoner.
A psychological analysis on the paramedical student revealed she was " calm and composed", doctors said, as counseling sessions were arranged for her and her family.
Larry David can serve as a guide through social values, ethical changes, and philosophical conundrums: Curb Your Enthusiasm and Philosophy documents these moments and employs astute psychological analysis for its considerations.
McPhee argues in this incisive study, lies in the years between his birth in 1758 and 1789 although he wisely avoids over-interpreting his childhood with post-facto psychological analysis.
When she awoke, they asked us to take her to Rashid Hospital for a psychological analysis, which they believed was the cause of the panic attack.
Includes sections interpreting concepts like the atonement theory of Anselm and the doctrines of original sin and salvation as well as providing a psychological analysis of the image of God and the examining of the consequences of these images of God in society and individual life.
They recognize from various perspectives, for instance, that Hawthorne's fiction "privileges psychological analysis rather than the more overt drama of narrative action" (46) and link his approach to psychology directly to his Calvinist background, not in terms of religious dogma but of the dark cavern of the human heart and the unfathomable nuances of the human soul, steeped in puritan pessimism, suspicion, and religious terror.
Along with designer Anoushka Athique we began to explore stories of Eastern Europe: folk tales, journalist accounts, personal testimony, psychological analysis of refugees and repatriates.
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