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Brownfield land provides the wherewithal for this redesign process, so we should forget about targets and indicators that tell us to redevelop it and instead use it as a means of re-integrating nature into cities in a way which will respond to the psychic forces now driving people out of them.
The old literature refers to this force as animal magnetism, ectenic force, fluids, human radiations, magnetism, nervous force, od, psychic force, and vital energy.
Andre Breton (132) believed that artists and intellectuals should identify with workers, and his idea of recovering one's psychic force by plunging into the depths of one's interior sounds similar to Haki Madhubuti's idea that liberation can only be achieved if black people "change [their] mind[s]" (38).
In tying the essence of life to a psychic force much closer to the sentient body than to reason, Vives effectively broadened the evaluation of human behavior from purely intentional acts (and therefore moral phenomena), to include consideration of its unconscious emotional and physiological dimensions.
The 'energy of the soul' is essentially the psychic force and strength which the neostoic moralities of the eighteenth century were so anxious for Reason to overcome, if not to suppress.