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belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself)


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The stakes around the termination of the PSTN are therefore crucial.
Some service providers now offer alternatives that enable PSTN access entirely via direct SIP interconnection.
While this has been understood since the early days of VoIP the lack of open interoperation and federation mechanisms have required the use of the legacy PSTN for most communications.
out; (3) as the revenue base erodes, maintaining the PSTN becomes
As a result, the word is out: The PSTN no longer provides even the fig leaf of privacy, and the remainder of the Internet even less.
A owns telecommunications equipment that connects with the SONET ring to allow transmission of the telecommunications among A's business locations or to the PSTN and transmission of others' telecommunications to A from the PSTN.
* Savings on call-back feature usage because franchises pay only for the PSTN to cell calls; there is no cost when the VoIP system is used to call cells because all local and U.S.
With AudioCodes Mediant platforms, customers can support PSTN and SIP Trunk interfaces in the same box, preventing forklift upgrades, and enabling gradual migration from costly PSTN circuits to SIP Trunking services, providing security and interoperability.
AudioCodes' Enterprise Session Border Controller capabilities target the growing market for SIP Trunking, Hosted IP-PBX, Remote Extension, Contact Center and Conferencing services, providing comprehensive security, mediation and quality assurance capabilities for enterprises interested in exploiting the business benefits of moving from traditional PSTN to SIP Trunking.
Turk Telekom group provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN, GSM to wide band internet.
While all telephone audio quality has been measured against PSTN landlines until now, the fact is that the traditional PSTN conveys only about one fifth the range of frequencies the human ear can hear - a span of about 3500 Hz out of 20 kHz.
Service providers using the Proxy7 Signaling Gateway to bridge between the PSTN and VoIP can now substantially reduce their termination costs to VoIP numbers in the XConnect ENUM registry.
BandTelTM, Newport Beach, Calif., a leading global provider of next-generation VoIP termination to the PSTN for high volume telecom users such as Call Centers, Enterprise users, Teleconferencing Companies and Internet Voice Response (IVR) users, is transforming the VoIP industry with its revolutionary N-PlusSM architecture, designed to solve the throughput and redundancy problems on high capacity SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based networks.
The vast majority of voice communications today is delivered via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).