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Synonyms for homeopathy

a method of treating disease with small amounts of remedies that, in large amounts in healthy people, produce symptoms similar to those being treated



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For example Acarospora sinopica requires rocks that are rich with metals such as iron (Fletcher et al, 2009) and many species that are only known to occur on calcareous rocks [i.e., Caloplaca feracissima, Candelariella amella, Lecanora semipallida, Lecidella stigmalea, Placynthium nigrum, Proloblastenia rupestris, and Psora pseudorussellii) were found on concrete and limestone boulders that had washed ashore (Lendemer and Harris, 2008).
psorjazo 'to become psora 'scabies' infected with scabies' g.
The term Psoriasis is derived from the Greek psora, meaning scurf, itch, rash.
With Caloplaca pusilla, Caloplaca inconnexa, Aspicilia contorta (CJR 2743, 2744, 2770), Psora decipiens (CJR 2748), Syntrichia inermis (CJR 2745,2747), and Syntrichia sinensis (CJR 2746).
E, ainda, para Hahnemann, as doencas cronicas seriam o resultado final de medidas terapeuticas equivocadas que possibilitavam que os miasmas evoluissem - e o miasma da psora ganhou, assim, o estatuto de mais antigo, universal e destrutivo, sendo a causa originaria de todas as doencas.
Hippocrates (460-377 BC) used the term psora, which meant, 'to itch'.