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This evidence places the divergence of the major lineages of Psocidae during a recent and short time interval.
The three hypotheses of the Psocidae evolutionary timing suggest both ancient (F2 and BG) and recent (FI) divergences.
Our results suggest a pre-Pangaea divergence of Psocidae in congruence with several ordinal-level dated phylogenies (Misof et ad.
The temporal context of Psocidae has been poorly addressed before.
In sum, the favored biogeographic evidence (BG) proposes that the divergence of Psocidae took place near the crown Psocodea (260 Mya; 212.
Kaindipsocinae is a sister taxon to the rest of Psocidae (Insecta: Psocodea: "Psocoptera.
Molecular systematics of the barklouse family Psocidae (Insecta: Psocodea: "Psocoptera") and implications for morphological and behavioral evolution.
Probablemente, el orden Psocoptera, representado por las familias Psocidae y Polypsocidae presentes en el dosel de los bosques subtropicales secos estudiados cumple el rol detritivoro en bosques con estas caracteristicas.
Order Family Abundance Species Richness Acari Oripodidae 115 5 Diptera Chironomidae 61 12 Diptera Lauxaniidae 60 9 Diptera Dolichopodidae 53 13 Psocoptera Psocidae 25 6 Diptera Sciaridae 18 8 Hymenoptera Formicidae 16 4 Homoptera Coccidae 14 5 Homoptera Cicadellidae 11 5 Hymenoptera Braconidae 11 3 Diptera Chloropidae 10 6 Orthoptera Gryllidae 9 4 Neuroptera Chrysopidae 8 3 Psocoptera Pseudocaeciliidae 8 3 Coleoptera Coccinellidae 7 2 Table 3.