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Horopito is a New Zealand endemic genus of evergreen shrubs and small trees comprising four species: Pseudowintera axillaris, P.colorata, P traversii, and P insperata.
Chemotaxonomy of Pseudowintera: Sesquiterpene dialdehyde variants are species markers.
Red leaf margins indicate increased polygodial content and function as visual signals to reduce herbivory in Pseudowintera colorata.
Fungicidal sesquiterpene dialdehyde cinnamates from Pseudowintera axillaris.
Polygodial, an anti-candida agent from Pseudowintera colorata.
Intraspecific variation of insecticidal sesquiterpene dialdehydes in Pseudowintera colorata.
My favourite clinical pearl came from Moana Hutana who described her successful use of antimicrobial Horopito (Pseudowintera spp.) as an infusion to relieve oral thrush in patients undergoing chemotherapy.