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Arils white; pollen strobili with sterile scales; leaves with papillae only at the margins Pseudotaxus 4.
The stomata are amphicyclic as in Taxus, unlike the monocyclic stomata of Amentotaxus, Pseudotaxus, and Torreya (Florin, 1948c).
A monotypic genus endemic to the Zhejiang province in eastern China, Pseudotaxus resembles Taxus but has more scales subtending the ovule, has a white aril, lacks microscopic papillae surrounding the foliar stomatal guard cells, and has monocyclic rather than amphicyclic stomata (Florin, 1948b, 1948c).
Pseudotaxus, which was only recently discovered and controversially named in 1947 (Florin, 1948d), is rare and is probably not cultivated even in its native China.
Taxus differs from Torreya in its obviously alternate leaves and open red aril; from Pseudotaxus by its red aril, lack of sterile scales among the microsporophylls, and fewer scales subtending the ovule; from Austrotaxus by its simple pollen strobili and smaller leaves; and from Amentotaxus by its alternate leaves and simple, axillary pollen strobili.
The leaves of Taxus are distinctive because of the expanded, papillose subsidiary cells of stomata being amphicyclic as in Austrotaxus and resin canals lacking as in Pseudotaxus and Austrotaxus (Florin, 1948c).
Embryogeny of Pseudotaxus chienii in relation to its systematic position.