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an activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions

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Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin.More than 5,000 German scientists have published papers in pseudo-scientific journals.
More specifically, he investigates how Christian anti-Judaism could maintain its meaning under the pressure of secularization, and identifies a pseudo-scientific form of antisemitism that combined race and religion.
Answer: Yes!" Indeed, having lost the battle to prevent marriage equality, this movement has now turned to finding ways to harass same-sex couples and developing new targets for their bizarrely developed "moral outrage." Once a group is singled out--in this case, transgender people--Religious Right heavy hitters weigh in, piling on with pseudo-scientific assertions and political horror stories.
Manly Health and Training was a 13-part series on men's health, for a forgotten newspaper called The New York Atlas, and was plundered partly from pseudo-scientific treatises of the day and was published under a pen-name, "Mose Velsor, of Brooklyn," and was remembered afterwards by nobody at all.
If that bearded nineteenth-century Russian, Dmitri Mendeleev, had turned his attention to the Science of Linguistics, instead of to the pseudo-scientific cult of Alchemy, then rather than merely discovering the Periodic Table of the Elements, he might have been led to invent the following "Periodic Table of the Alphabet."
There are plenty of similar topics that draw a wide range of unqualified opinions and statements that often include some quite bizarre pseudo-scientific content, such as those who insist that the earth is flat, or who believe in fairies, or who believe that many world leaders today have DNA derived from aliens, and so on.
Found poetry is consistent with Whitman's comment in his marginalia that "all kinds of light reading, novels, newspapers, gossip etc., serve as manure for the few great productions and are indispensable or perhaps are premises to something better." That easy-to-overlook "etc." contained a lot: scientific and pseudo-scientific treatises, historical studies, geographies, self-help manuals on learning to swim, and thousands and thousands of pages of newsprint, a surprising number of them preserved by Whitman himself and ultimately by the Library of Congress and other repositories.
Zizek, at the far extreme from the pseudo-scientific style, which tries to make shallow and illogical argument seem irrefutable, alternates between blunt affirmation of brutal Marxist despotism and descent into the vortex of unintelligible postmodernist jargon.
The use of pseudo-scientific arguments to advance philosophical and political agendas is quite familiar to most readers.
As his corpus becomes increasingly fanciful across the eighteenth century, Armand identifies a sort of "merveilleux pseudo-scientifique" (pseudo-scientific marvelous) that even includes some fairy tales which, like Louis de Cahusac's Grigri, histoire veritable (Grigri, A True Story, 1745), extrapolate a "sort of modernization of magical objects" (567).
While there is a growing distrust of mainstream brands and the pseudo-scientific claims they make, popular alternatives are still left wanting, particularly in Yemen.
Critics of the PUA Community have been very outspoken and refer to the community as sexist, misogynist and pseudo-scientific.
It first seems to be have appeared as a pseudo-scientific term in the early 19th century.
At the dawn of the American Civil War, supporters of African enslavement and African intellectual/biological inferiority developed a more advanced sophisticated, pseudo-scientific argument to validate their ideological claims of White supremacy and cultural hegemony.
Most of the purported cures, treatments and pseudo-scientific approaches described herein had their day in the sun, making large sums of money for their inventors.
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