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an activity resembling science but based on fallacious assumptions

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This pseudo-science is gaining some traction with celebrities like SpaceX and Tesla Inc.
Snow observed and described 60 years ago), I think we can now speak of "two worlds": a well-educated elite that understands science (at least enough to follow regular and stunning developments) and another that doesn't understand it and thus adopts a worldview filled with pseudo-science. Pseudo-science is any knowledge that seems to be based on knowledge of the world but does not adopt its rigour and, most importantly, does not require us to override our intuitions and replace them with complex ideas.
Indeed, within the brief three pages of its opening chapter, "Old Moodie," the reader is introduced to a narrator, Miles Coverdale, who is named for the historical author of the first English Bible (1535); Zenobia, the novel's tragic heroine, who recalls a Queen of Palmyra (present-day Syria) in the third century; and a mysterious figure named the Veiled Lady, who addresses contemporary infatuations with the pseudo-science of mesmerism, the brain-child of eighteenth and nineteenth-century Viennese doctor, Franz Mesmer.
The first official speaker at the event, Princeton physics Professor William Happer, began his presentation by demolishing the pseudo-science underpinning climate hysteria.
Instead politicians dabble in pseudo-science, forgoing providing sources and offering conclusions that twist previous findings 180 degrees.
Froome calls them "clowns", however, and his Sky team's manager Dave Brailsford says it is "pseudo-science".
First, Meehan considers the role of science and pseudo-science in the creation of the vampire as a cultural icon focusing on early uses of the vampire as both a metaphor and as an archetype in the works of Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G.
Shine's debut, the first in a planned series, requires an extremely elastic suspension of disbelief to buy into the idea that this is the best way to train supersoldiers and to accept the pseudo-science behind the premise and the paradox minefield of "seeing the future" and protecting it.
Calling out neoclassical economics as "an ideologically driven pseudo-science whose power comes from successfully hiding, as opposed to revealing, the true nature of our social, political, and economic relations," Varoufakis (economic theory, U.
When we allow our biases, whether conscious or unconscious, to influence the methodology and interpretation of scientific investigation, science becomes pseudo-science.
In Nazi Germany racists policies were founded on biological pseudo-science, leading to these approaches being discredited after the war.
Beyond 2012 is dedicated to debunking such pseudo-science. There is no Nibiru or Planet X that's been observed by astronomers and if they really were on a path to hit the Earth in a couple weeks, they'd be visible to the naked eye by now.
The show will feature a demonstration of Ian's mediumship ability and a lecture on pseudo-science.
It deals with the themes ofprejudice, pseudo-science, and imperialism in 19th-century England.
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