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a collection of Psalms for liturgical use

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In a revision of her PhD dissertation at the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Backfish identifies wordplay such as poets everywhere use in Book IV of the Hebrew Psalter, then explores the multi-faceted poetic devices in Greek translations for the Septuagint.
Thus plates 2 and 3 might read: The Luttrell Psalter: Psalm 94.
All the introductory material is bound in with Volume 1; of the complete Psalter, this volume covers less than the last third, namely Psalms 116 (117 in modern reckoning) to 150.
Taken together with previous studies specifically dedicated to a holistic framework for Augustine's interpretation of the Psalter, McLamey attempts to gain a deeper insight into Augustine's exegetical commitment.
(6) Mary unambiguously praises the psalter's ability to inform and benefit humanity, but the miracle of the flowering wand, while humorous in the play's suggestive depiction of it, presents significant interpretive problems.
The paper sets out to investigate one of the assertions pertaining to Richard Rolle's Psalter translation, and more precisely to its linguistic layer, phrased by Partridge (1973: 21) in the following manner:
Latin Psalter Manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin and the Chester Beatty Library.
The title does not refer to a Psalter, but to a musical instrument, a psaltery or lyre, often represented on frontispiece engravings of early hymn books.
Not only the individual psalms of the Psalter, but also its larger shape and message, may therefore be rightly construed as "christomorphic" in character.
Exploring the Psalter in total, the book asserts, forces the reader to move beyond the comforting language of God as a shepherd and reveals a world in which God was neither solely praised nor reproved.
The Psalter is a well written historical suspense novel.
Yet, little is widely known about the history of the Punjabi Psalter. In this article I explore (1) the historical context of the translation of psalms into Punjabi, (2) the contributions of the Rev.
The lawyers quoted a paragraph from Luy's letter that was written in Filipino: "To my loved ones, I only have the bible and the Psalter [Book of Psalms] to talk to.
Albans Psalter), reveal new information on medieval glass painting and the fine art of manuscript illumination.
This second volume presents the glossed Latin psalter verses and commentary on it, a French translation and commentary on it, and commentary on the Middle English text in the first volume.