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an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of 150 Psalms

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Whether we are given the four score years Psalm 90 speaks of, or a much shorter interlude, life is a precious trust.
The study consists of a discussion of the Psalms as a whole (chapter 2), which is followed by four exegetical studies: Psalm 90 (chapter 3); the Yahweh-Malak Psalms (47, 93, and 95-99) (chapter 4); Psalm 112 in relation to Proverbs 31:10-31 (chapter 5); and Psalm 88 in relation to Judges 19 (chapter 6).
there was more scope for earthiness in Janacek's Moravian setting of the Lord's prayer, Otcenas, fully realised in tenor Andrew Kennedy's fervent but unstrained solos and the warm vigour of the full choir, but intensity flagged briefly during the dissonances of Ives' Psalm 90.
Thomas presents the counter-argument, quoting Psalm 90 (91), 11: "He has given his angels charge over you to guard you in all his ways.
The response made by Psalm 90 is a sharp and provocative contrast to Amos.
00am The Cathedral Eucharist, Introit: Almightly God - Ford, Schubert in G, Gradual: Psalm 90, Here, O my Lord - Whitlock, Hymns.
Brian says: ``The passionate, personal and highly charged testimony of Ann Griffiths' poetry is given to the soprano voice, while the authoritative andevocative passages taken from the Psalms, Book of Isiah and other traditional texts are sung in Latin by the chorus, ``These parallel paths meet for the only time in the concluding bars in which the timeless eternity of Psalm 90, heard at the outset, returns but this time enriched by the revelation of the presence of the Rose of Sharon.
While 73 psalms are attributed to David, Psalm 72 and Psalm 127 are credited to Solomon, and Psalm 90 to Moses.