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wild horse of central Asia that resembles an ass

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The male and female Przewalski's horses demonstrated similar behavioural responses to transportation.
Modern domestic horses are thought to have evolved from wild horses such as Przewalski's horse, a short, dun-colored equine with a stiff Mohawkstyle mane.
There are over 1, 500 Przewalski's horses in the world today -- all bred from just 13 surviving animals.
Scientists previously thought the Przewalski's horses were a wild species native to the Eurasian steppes.
The results of the analysis show that Przewalski's horse, rescued from extinction in the 20th century classified as an endangered species, is a descendant of horses, domesticated about 5500 years ago by representatives of the Botai culture in Kazakhstan.
A massively parallel sequencing approach uncovers ancient origins and high genetic variability of endangered przewalski's horses. Genome Bio.
The falcons, held static and calm by their hoods and jesses before their release; the rhesus macaque monkeys (used in experimental medical vivisections because of their chromosomal affinity to us) in Life Is a Time-Based Medium, 2015, set in a Hindu monkey-god temple; and the wild Przewalski's horses that roam 2011's Chernobyl, installed in a six-sided room that echoes the deserted theater depicted, encourage us to think about the consequences of human actions on these marvelous species.
Roaming concrete streets overtaken by forest, were a pack of wolves (seen by a visiting photographic crew), a small herd of Przewalski's horses released in the area in 1998 and giant catfish prospering in the fishing-free waters of the Pripyat River.
After the massacre of her family and most of her town at the hands of Nazi soldiers, she finds temporary comfort at a wildlife preserve when her path crosses with a pair of Przewalski's horses, wild horses whose entire pack was slaughtered by the same Nazi soldiers.
In addition, Przewalski's horses (Equus przewalskii) have been reintroduced here over the last few years.
2011: The Danger of Having All your Eggs in One Basket--Winter Crash of the Reintroduced Przewalski's Horses in the Mongolian Gobi.
Named for the Russian colonel who led an expedition in 1881 that found them, Przewalski's horses were extinct in the wild for decades until a captive breeding program reintroduced them to Mongolia in the mid-1990s.
After a successful reintroduction, 306 Przewalski's horses now live in Mongolia.
Urumqi (China), May 22 (Xinhua-ANI): Four endangered Przewalski's horses were sent to Mongolia from west China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region on Monday, marking the first time for China to send the horses to another country since reintroducing the species 17 years ago, according to Cao Jie, director of the Xinjiang Wild Horse Propagation Center.
An earlier group of Przewalski horses was brought to the province six years ago from another location in Mongolia by Takh, a French association bearing the Mongolian name of Przewalski's horses.