Prussian blue

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any of various blue pigments


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a dark greenish-blue color

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(2003) Reversible valence tautomerism induced by a single-shot laser pulse in a cobalt-iron Prussian blue analog.
If radioactive I-131 or Cs-137 were used in the dispersal device, potassium iodide or Prussian blue could be used to provide a measure of treatment.
The distinction can typically be made based on hematoxylin-eosin-stained sections alone; however, ancillary methods including histochemical stains such as Prussian blue, Fontana-Masson, and Sudan black B and immunohistochemical stains for CD68, HMB-45, and S100 protein can also aid in this regard.
Prussian blue, a pigment discovered in the 1700s, acts as a sequestering agent for certain heavy metal ions and as an antidote to thallium poisoning.
Golde has introduced a ranking score, based on the hemosiderin content of macrophages which enables ranking cells from 0 to 4 based on the degree of Prussian blue stain.
Where normal firing of the rifle fails to reveal an asymmetry between surfaces, Prussian Blue or a permanent felt-tip marking pen can be used to show points of wear.
Mirella's Meryl/ Lycra halter leotard in Prussian blue #M229L; $37.50
The inclusions were positive on periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) staining, diastase-resistant von Kossa's staining (figure 3), and Prussian blue staining.
The field of cyanide coordination chemistry has developed over three centuries based on the versatile bridging capabilities of cyanide that were first discovered in Prussian Blue. Despite these efforts, little progress has been reported in the preparation of homoleptic complexes composed of low-valent transition metals and lanthanides and cyanide.
My forms were very strongly contoured in Prussian blue."
Stewart heard that the Europeans were using something called "Prussian blue" to accomplish this.
Upcoming trends include the color turquoise; its lighter shade, robin's egg; and a bluer teal, resembling a Prussian blue, she said.
The researchers expect their directed design to apply to a chemical family that includes the dye called Prussian blue. The double-flip material, a member of that family, is not likely to find practical use.
It's simply paint: cadmium yellow, a vibrant but unstrident orange, scarlet, a lovely dusky pale blue, a strange soft slightly purple brown, deep almost Prussian blue, aquamarine.
HCN also forms hydrocyanic compounds when it interacts with iron and concrete, including a distinctive shade known (ironically enough) as "Prussian blue" Leuchter compared the cyanide content of the samples taken from the ruins of the gas chambers with a sample taken from a delousing chamber; the result was that the gas-chamber samples yielded minute traces of cyanide, while the delousing chamber contained perhaps 100,000 to 150,000 times as much.