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a former kingdom in north-central Europe including present-day northern Germany and northern Poland

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3 July 2019 - California, US-based investment firm Gehr Hospitality has acquired King of Prussia, Pennsylvania-based 129-room Hyatt Place, through a joint venture with Los Angeles, US-based investment advisor Oakhurst Advisors, LLC, the company said.
The property comprises 160,043 square feet of office space in two three-story buildings in King of Prussia, Penn.
D&B Elite Construction Group, based in Sinking Spring, will open a 2,500-square-foot-office at 681 Moore Road in King of Prussia to serve its clients in that area, according to Dan Gring, principal of D&B Elite.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has announced it is planning a major expansion off its main campus, calling for the construction of a new inpatient hospital in King of Prussia.
But it was noted that her eldest grandson, KaiserWillhelm II, German Emperor and King of Prussia, had prompted the war which"plunged nations into untold misery and suffering".
An extreme example was Prussia, which had two-thirds of the territory of the old German Confederation, so whatever Prussia wanted, it got.
Foi aquela ocasiao que permitiu ao jovem professor pomerano entender o quanto, para o bem ou para o mal, a Prussia haveria de ter uma importancia decisiva no futuro do Estado alemao.
In the eighteenth century England had subsidized Prussia in order that she should wage a crusade against French Terrorism, but it was against Poland that Prussia spent the English millions.
Freedom's Price: Serfdom, Subjection, and Reform in Prussia, 1648-1848.
THE PS400,000 renovation of the tallest church spire in Wirral has won a prestigious national architecture award named after the King of Prussia.
King of Prussia, PA, May 26, 2016 --( After winter's damaging weather, spring is a good time to check your home for possible damage and to repair or replace any parts affected.
During the 17th century, the kingdom of Prussia became the preeminent northern German state.
History, language, and other scholars from Scandinavian, Baltic and other European countries, Israel, and the US describe source materials, new readings of well-known sources, and other research related to economic and cultural exchange between Christians and members of other religions in the regions, including trade with Muslims and the Sami in Norway, the influence of Islamic scientific works on medieval Iceland, Muslim perceptions of Norsemen, and the travel route of Dutchman Jost van Giselen to the Holy Land and Northern Africa, and evidence of Muslims and Jews along the Baltic Rim, including Jews as scapegoats for spreading the Black Death in Prussia, Jewish doctors in Prussia, Muslim prisoners of war in Prussia, and the Karaite settlement in Troki, Lithuania.
AND Mastermind specialist subjects comprising Charles M Schulz, Harold Larwood, Frederick the Great of Prussia and Abba, which is an insult to this TV quiz bedrock.