Prunus triloba

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deciduous Chinese shrub or small tree with often trilobed leaves grown for its pink-white flowers

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Basic characteristics of the six green belts Green belt Plant Constitution Planting width (m) density (plants/[m.sup.2]) 6 Sabina chinensis, Prunus 0.095 triloba 16 Sophora japOnica, Sabina 0.036 chinensis, Lonicera maackii Sophora japonica, Sabina 27 chinensis, Prunus triloba, 0.035 Forsythia suspensa Salix matsudana cv.
HOW do I care for Prunus triloba? I've been given a healthy bush for Christmas and have yet to plant it in the ground.
I also love camellias - look for the hardy williamsii variety - and prunus triloba, which has gorgeous doublepink flowers.
If you'd prefer a shrub try Prunus Triloba Multiplex which is 4ft high by 4ft wide.
Prunus Triloba is the most popular dwarf cherry with exquisite double pale pink flowers, growing to about 6ft at the most.