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a measure used by an acquirer to gain control of a takeover target

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After reviewing in the context of the current active proxy contest, management and the Arconic Board determined that this provision should be waived in order to facilitate the fullest participation by all shareholders in the current proxy contest.
Therefore, it is expected that the occurrence of proxy contests will become smaller in the post-amendment period which begins one day immediately after the amendment in question and ends one day earlier than the next amendment.
Commenter requests that the Board hold a public hearing to give Comenter the opportunity to question First Mariner and to obtain additional information about Commenter's alleged violations of law in connection with the proxy contest discussed above.
The literature on corporate capital structure, ownership structure, and takeovers suggests two sets of potential factors that might significantly influence the decision to pursue a hostile tender offer or a proxy contest.
Thus, yesterday's raiders have increasingly turned to the proxy contest to elect their candidates to a majority of seats on a company's board.
Corporate proxy contest expenditures "primarily for the benefit of the interests of individuals" still were not deductible.
For each company, the proxy contest announcement date is defined as the first day that information concerning the contest appeared in the Wall Street Journal.
Another proposal calls for a five-year plan: Every five years there should be an opportunity for a proxy contest with no defensive tools allowed to help management stay in place.
As an alternative to another proxy contest, we believe the buyback transaction we propose here would serve the best interests of the Company and our shareholders.
A recent empirical study by Pound |12~ confirms that certain inefficiencies in the current proxy system dissuade dissidents from challenging management's slate to the board of directors in a proxy contest.
Fortunately we have not lost a single customer since the proxy contest.
Members of the upstart group continue to believe they got majority support of shareholders in a proxy contest, Kirkland said.
Members of NetSol Shareholders Group LLC hold more than 25 percent of NetSol's stock and initiated a proxy contest to gain control of the company from its current owners in April.
In regard to the Denny's Corporation (NASDAQ: DENN) proxy contest, the following statement from W.
Pershing Square has initiated a proxy contest to elect its own nominees, including Professor Gilson, to Target's Board of Directors.