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trade name of a synthetic human growth hormone given to children deficient in the hormone

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Genentech admitted that from 1985 to 1994, it aggressively marketed Protropin, a synthetic human growth hormone, to doctors, hospitals, and others for use in the treatment of various medical conditions for which Protropin had not received FDA approval.
According to the indictment, payments were made to induce the physician to prescribe Protropin, in violation of the Medicare/Medicaid antikickback statute.
Jones held various key positions at biopharma companies, including Medimmune, where he was responsible for the launch of both Respigam and Synagis and Genentech, where he was responsible for the launch of Protropin, Activase and Pulmozyme.
If approved by a federal judge, the settlement also calls for Genentech to plead guilty to a criminal charge that it illegally told doctors and hospitals that the growth hormone Protropin would be useful in treating conditions for which the drug had not received FDA approval.
Tuesday's court ruling invalidating Genentech Inc's patent on Making its Protropin human growth hormone has paved the way for rival Bio-Technology General Corp.
Genentech is one of the oldest and most successful biotechnology companies, with six therapeutic products on the market: Rituxan, Protropin, Nutropin, t-PA (Activase), gamma interferon, and Dnase (Pulmozyme).