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Synonyms for prostitution



Synonyms for prostitution

offering sexual intercourse for pay

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The lawyer for the prostitution jumps up all excited, and says:
GHOTKI -- Ghotki Police conducted raids in the gambling and prostitution dens in the jurisdiction of the A-Section Police Station on Saturday.
Selling Sex in the City: A Global History of Prostitution, 1600s-2000s
Since then, Manar has been in and out of prison, often on prostitution charges.
A 70-year-old woman was arrested at a Florida massage parlor for running a prostitution ring, reports citing the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.
This monograph addresses the politics of the regulation of prostitution in colonial Nigeria.
Synopsis: For too long the global sex industry and its vested interests have dominated the prostitution debate repeating the same old line that sex work is just like any job.
The present study discourses a series of conclusions regarding legal provisions for prostitution, as a phenomenon in the context of having a succession of criminal and administrative regulations and giving the prospect of a more permissive legislation in which prostitution could be practiced as an authorized occupation in Romania.
WOMEN'S groups on Monday accused DISY MP Rikkos Mappourides of glorifying prostitution by calling it a profession, and of cementing the notion that it was all right to buy and sell women for sex.
It was not until the late 1990s that scholarship on ancient prostitution came into its own in North America.
Charged with sexual assault by touching a female 13 or over; intimidating a witness/juror/person assisting the investigation; rape of a female 16 or over; supplying or offering to supply class B drug; causing or inciting prostitution for gain.
Not a Choice, Not a Job by Janice Raymond presents an excellent opportunity to consider a topic often neglected, but adversely affecting society and families, typically with passive complacency and silent complicity The book makes clear that there has been a moral failure of all sectors of society to deal with the violence and degradation that affects primarily women and girls within systems of sexual exploitation and, in particular, within the system of prostitution.
Il ya toute une politique chaotique et un lobby tres coherent qui n'est pas compose uniquement d'agents de securite - et toutes ces parties collaborent et operent dans les reseaux de prostitution essentiellement dans les cites huppees de la Tunisie.
The federal Conservative government has put forward new prostitution legislation which is receiving praise from pro-family groups.