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Synonyms for prostitution



Synonyms for prostitution

offering sexual intercourse for pay

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The lawyer for the prostitution jumps up all excited, and says:
WOMEN'S groups on Monday accused DISY MP Rikkos Mappourides of glorifying prostitution by calling it a profession, and of cementing the notion that it was all right to buy and sell women for sex.
Charged with sexual assault by touching a female 13 or over; intimidating a witness/juror/person assisting the investigation; rape of a female 16 or over; supplying or offering to supply class B drug; causing or inciting prostitution for gain.
Canada's new prostitution law will take effect from Dec 6, Saturday.
Not a Choice, Not a Job by Janice Raymond presents an excellent opportunity to consider a topic often neglected, but adversely affecting society and families, typically with passive complacency and silent complicity The book makes clear that there has been a moral failure of all sectors of society to deal with the violence and degradation that affects primarily women and girls within systems of sexual exploitation and, in particular, within the system of prostitution.
We call for enlightenment because before we can expect social change, prostitution must be recognized for the abuse that it is.
Two books, Male Sex Work and Society (Harrington Park Press) edited by Victor Minichiello and John Scott, and Sex Workers Unite (Beacon Press) by Melinda Chateauvert, take a look at men doing sex work today, and prostitution as practiced in ye olde times.
The federal Conservative government has put forward new prostitution legislation which is receiving praise from pro-family groups.
The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved the bill toughening punishment for involving others into prostitution in the first reading on March 27.
The court, ruling in a case brought by three women in the sex trade, struck down all three of Canada's prostitution-related laws: Bans on keeping a brothel, making a living from prostitution, and street soliciting.
KABUL (PAN): The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Wednesday expressed its deep concern over the increasing culture of male prostitution in society, asking the government to check the menace.
La meme commissaire nous apprendra que les mis en cause ont ete presentes au parquet de Larbaa Nath Irathen, le 17 du meme mois, pour detention d'une arme blanche et de munitions de chasse, vente illicite d'alcool, creation, gerance et transformation d'un local en lieu de debauche et prostitution, aide a la pratique de la prostitution, repartition des revenus de la prostitution et recel de prostitution d'autrui, tentation publique en vue de l'incitation a la debauche et prostitution, incitation a la prostitution et racolage d'individus en vue de la commission de la prostitution.
Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade is a pointed criticism of the many apologists for the sex trade, and takes a well-researched stand against efforts to legalize or decriminalize prostitution.
Summary: A 35-year-old salesman has been charged with human trafficking as he is believed to have forced a woman into prostitution.
Dubai: A female cook has been jailed for five years for sexually exploiting and forcing a woman into prostitution after bringing her to Dubai to work in a hotel.