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the earliest known dinosaurs

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Pictured right, it is 18cm x 12cm big, more than 65 million years old, and is thought to be the egg of a Prosauropod, an agile herbivore which when fully-grown would weigh 1,500kg.
A few evenings later, however, they assembled the fragments into a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that Don identified as a cervical vertebra of an early sauropodomorph ("prosauropod") dinosaur (YPM VPPU 022196).
Half a century ago spectacular specimens of prosauropod dinosaurs such as Lufengosaurus were discovered at the same location - which supports the theory that prosauropods gave rise to sauropods, despite the fact that the transition has been very vague, Chatterjee said.
The nests of prosauropod eggs--some of which contain beautifully preserved embryos fossilized just prior to hatching--are one of the rarest and most exciting finds in dinosaur paleontology.
Prosauropod remains found previously in other parts of the world could be as old as the Madagascar ones, says Hans-Dieter Sues, a paleobiologist at the University of Toronto.
A bone bed in the colian/fluvial sandstone of the McCoy Brook Formation at Wasson Bluff has produced fossil skeletal material from at least four prosauropod dinosaurs.