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adjourn by royal prerogative

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The verb 'prorogate' sometimes causes confusion because it covers not only submission to a judge's jurisdiction by consent of the parties, but also a legislature's decision to adjourn ...
Chandler's dialogue, argues Lorie Watkins Fulton, "perhaps stuck with Faulkner" (43), but a deeper parallel underlies Chandler's impress on "Knight's Gambit": chivalry is often an anachronistic form of behavior that can prorogate the solution of not only investigative, but also personal dilemmas.
Senator Haji Lashkari Raisani said that despite prorogation of session of National Assembly, the senate of Pakistan did not prorogate the session and decided to be in the session to start campaign for fund-raising for the flood affected people.
Crack formation starts at lower load level and prorogates towards upward direction from bottom of beam.