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the anterior part of an insect's thorax

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Propleuron, pronotum, lateral margin of mesoscutum and anterodorsal part of mesopleuron usually reddish brown.
Mesosoma: pronotum, propleuron and mesopleuron acinose, pronotal groove shallow and scrobiculate; mesoscutal lobes acinose-rugose (Figure 4); notauli weakly impressed and scrobiculate, scutellum smooth; subalar groove scrobiculate, sternaulus finely scrobiculate and almost complete (Figure 5); propodeum mostly rugose, median carina diverging at extreme base and meeting lateral carinae, enclosing acinose-rugose basal median area, areola not defined apically.
Pronotum alutaceous, with few delicate striae in the most ventro-lateral edge, emarginate and impressed along propleuron; propleuron delicately transversely striate, flat in medio-central part.
Colour: Head including antennae black, palpi yellow; mesosoma predominantly black, propodeum and metapleuron red, propleuron and pronotal collar black; metasoma mostly red; ovipositor and sheaths blackish; legs honey yellow, with middle and hind coxae, hind trochanter, trochantelus and all tarsomeres black; basal half of hind femur and apex of hind tibia brown; wings dusky with veins brown and stigma yellow (Figure 1); tegula reddish brown.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the tiny size, orange-red general coloration, paired obscure markings on the frons, darkened posterior corner of the pronotum and ventral margin of the propleuron, darkened posterior half of the membrane veins, bifurcate dorsal process of the left paramere, subapically folded phallotheca, typically C-shaped, small endosoma, and generally small female genitalia.
Two notopleural setae (1 damaged at right side), 1 damaged supra-alar seta, 2 damaged postalar setae, 1 damaged praescutellar dorsocentral seta, 1 apical scutellar seta, 1 seta on anepimeron and 1 seta above fore coxa on propleuron.
2 times as long as posterior notopleural setae; notopleuron and lateral and ventral margins of scutellum with black hairs, prosternum, propleuron and anepimeron all with hairs, katepimeron bare, meron with row of setae; anterior and posterior spiracles dark brown, katepisternal setae 2+1.
Thorax: pronotum pale with brown, pale brown or reddish dots; mesoscutum pale or orange, sometimes medially with pale brown suffusion, with brown or reddish dots; scutellum pale or pale brown with brown or reddish dots, apex pale; pleura rather uniformly pale, slightly tinged with pale brown and orange, or propleuron reddish brown or pale orange, dorsal margin pale with brown or reddish dots, margin of coxal cavity whitish, meso-and metapleuron dark reddish brown or pale orange, dorsal areas more pale; evaporatorium brown or pale with pale brown peritreme.
Mesosoma pale orange with all metapleuron, lower corner of mesopleuron, lower edge of pronotum and propleuron, upper hind corner of pronotum and tegula ivory.
7): the upper lateral vitta running from the propleuron posteriorly to fade out in the pteropleuron and pleurotergite (this vitta also runs along the lower margin of the humeral callus and notopleuron), and the lower lateral vitta, running usually along the top margin of the sternopleuron and ventral margin of the pteropleuron.