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Synonyms for propeller


Synonyms for propeller

a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water

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of the United States to establish a 50-50 joint venture to produce propeller engines for small planes, a Japanese business daily reported Thursday.
In some cases the places where these birds breed and where they return every spring, and the precise r h r ht w birds using just a parachute wing and a small propeller engine.
Grylls, who lives on a remote island off the Welsh coast, was preparing in the UK for last year's successful record attempt to fly a paramotor - a flimsy chute powered by a backpack propeller engine - over the height of Mount Everest when disaster struck.
It received a major mid-life upgrade in 2009, in which its four diesel engines and electric propeller engines were replaced, according to specialist publication Jane's Sentinel.
That maintenance included the replacement of its four diesel engines and its electric propeller engines, according to specialist publication Jane's Sentinel.
Propeller engines were not powerful enough to make this ambitious dream come true hence efforts begun to develop a new kind of engine.