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Synonyms for propagandist

Synonyms for propagandist

a person who disseminates messages calculated to assist some cause or some government

of or relating to or characterized by propaganda

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Interspersed with the lively biographical sketches are numerous discussions on such issues as humanist education; types of classical culture -- such as Egyptian, Greek, and Roman -- and their varying impacts; the Roman literary academy, its membership, goals, and social standing; the employment and duties of humanists in the papal bureaucracy and for patrons both inside and out of the curia; and the rise of the humanists' and artists' social status and their role as propagandists for papal ideology -- in particular, their construction of the church in the image of a new Alexandria, a new Rome, or a new Athens.
Even when anti-LSD propagandists are not spouting nonsense, they talk only about the drug's potential drawbacks, creating the impression that LSD generally leads to bad trips, horrible accidents, and scary flashbacks.
Drilon said that the PNP and other propagandists 'would keep spreading misinformation and lies in the hope that people would eventually accept them as facts.
The Bank of England manager was aware of Brown's warning but for two years before the election Steve and his fellow Tory propagandists sent letters to the Telegraph blaming Gordon Brown for every problem that was caused by the credit crunch.
The grim facts about "Che" are much less pleasant than the rose-colored world painted by propagandists.
The Palestinian prime minister must purge his Media and Education Ministries of propagandists who are enemies of peace.
In 1937, as Josef Stalin was conducting another round of show trials and the Spanish Civil War was underway, Pope Pius XI warned: "Aware of the universal desire for peace, the leaders of Communism pretend to be the most zealous promoters and propagandists in the movement for world amity.
The Cambridge series on the history of the book in Britain is planned in seven volumes; this third volume covers the period between 1400 and 1557, with particular attention devoted to "demand and use" of books by not only scholars, lawyers, and physicians, but also gentlewomen, musicians, and propagandists.
It is a measure of the triumph of 'spin' in British politics that party propagandists are now known, almost universally, as 'spin doctors'.
Students forced by law to read Jose Rizal's novels develop a warped image of friars from a caricature masterfully painted for us by the propagandists of the late 19th century, namely Rizal, Marcelo H.
Neo-jous are the journalists that misuse words, alter photographs, act as propagandists for dictators and create false news reports to achieve their own political or financial goals.
She also reviews denunciation of Machiavelli by the propagandists of the Catholic League, who often adopted the distorted version of his maxims earlier popularized by Huguenot writers.
The professional pro-abortion, pro-homosexual propagandists succeeded in getting full backing from feminist columnists of the Sun (Michele Mandel, Heather Bird) and the Star (Michelle Landsberg) to support their hate campaign.
President Rodrigo Duterte warned yesterday that the extremist group known as the Islamic State or IS may become a threat to Philippine national security as he confirmed the presence of Islamic propagandists in the country.