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Synonyms for propagandist

Synonyms for propagandist

a person who disseminates messages calculated to assist some cause or some government

of or relating to or characterized by propaganda

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When the above ideas are transformed into the arena of propaganda, it means that propagandists should ignore defects of their own side in order to prevent unnecessary panic and to lower people's confidence.
Zionist propagandists want viewers to believe that the ground invasion into Gaza was necessary to destroy hostile tunnels.
Unsurprisingly, Beijing, its legions of propagandists, and its Western apologists all claim that the "Great Uprooting," as the New York Times put it, will benefit China and the victims of forced relocation.
As the memorandum contains a privatisation provision how could his propagandists claim that he was ready to sign?
Cairo Days after major Islamist lawmakers rammed through Egypt's parliament a bill banning former senior officials in the toppled Mubarak regime from holding public posts and running in elections, propagandists of the former president are apprehensive that they will be targeted next.
Manipulation of social media by spammers and propagandists and the skewed demographics of tweeters are probably to blame, she says.
Like many ''green'' propagandists, he is happy to ignore the evidence of scientists and engineers, including those who gave evidence to the 2009 House of Lords inquiry into the cost of renewables.
In doing so, they weighed in on the side of the propagandists who want us all to equate Islam and all of its followers with terrorism.
The authors' approach is that of the 'new Britain' envisaged by the propagandists of multi-culturalism.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid phoned to this news agency and claimed the militants attacked a regional office of Christian missionary and eliminated Malik Rehan one of the Christian propagandists and the remaining had made good their escape.
Even the propagandists, who never tire of their romantic self-delusions, would have a job spinning that depressing sight as anything other than the waste which is so of ten the Olympics' call-sign.
He and the regime's propagandists helped to bring about "an indispensable reservoir of public hatred, contempt, and indifference toward the Jews" that enabled the Nazi leadership to implement its genocidal policies (p.
The Arab propagandists of the world must be thrilled.
The Everson decision has also come under fire from Religious Right propagandists like Barton, whose gross oversimplifications and error-ridden prose tend to undercut his arguments, and from more sophisticated legal critics like Hamburger.
What makes it useful to propagandists of all stripes is that Sustainable Development can be defined and redefined in enough ways to suit any desired pattern of material exploitation.