reductio ad absurdum

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Synonyms for reductio ad absurdum

(reduction to the absurd) a disproof by showing that the consequences of the proposition are absurd

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Starting from false assumptions a proof by contradiction could not reveal the cause.
More recently, in the 20th century, the intuitionists went further and came to regard proof by contradiction as an invalid method of reasoning.
Economics professors have traditionally shown their students that indifference curves cannot intersect using monotonicity and transitivity in a proof by contradiction (e.
An intense focus on the formal settings of proofs and their techniques, such as constructive proofs, proof by contradiction, and combinatorial proofs
An easier example of proof by contradiction is demonstrating Euclid's proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers.
Researches in Mathematics Education about proof by contradiction revealed some difficulties of the students but also that this kind of argumentation comes spontaneously in certain situations.
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