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(Greek mythology) the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind

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As Promethean puts it, interactive classroom interfaces that simultaneously recognise multiple user inputs can unlock new opportunities for collaborative learning.
Artist Matt McKee says, "I am psyched that a few pieces from Promethean Dreams are going to be hanging at the Museum of Science's Author talk with Bill Streever.
Promethean supplies whiteboards and learning software to schools.
During the award ceremony at the annual International Business Partners Conference in Fiuggi, Italy, Eugene Viscovic, president of APAC & Emerging Markets of Promethean International, highly noted the Darwish Technology's extraordinary achievements in the field of interactive education.
Promethean Community and Content president Brent Taggart said reaching one million members was a tremendous achievement.
The flotation, which will value Blackburn-based Promethean at up to pounds 500million, will leave 5% of the shares in employees' hands.
Blackburn-based educational whiteboards firm Promethean, youth fashion retailer SuperGroup and Yorkshire healthcare software business EMIS all confirmed fundraising plans yesterday.
About $150 million of the bond will be used to build a new elementary school and an advance-studies high school, and $15 million for technology upgrades such as expanding online capacity and purchasing Promethean boards.
The survey, commissioned by education technology company Promethean, reveals that nearly one third of adults in Birmingham would choose celebrity chef Jamie, who has been campaigning for healthier school dinners, as their ideal teacher.
Meanwhile, a Blackburn-based company, Promethean, has brought out a new board which features additional enhancements for the user but also security measures.
Corbin, who won a Bessie in 2001, created many roles for Taylor, including the wonderful guy who had his pants made too long in Dream Girls and the leading role, alongside Lisa Viola, with whom he was frequently paired, in the magisterial Promethean Fire.
Interactive whiteboard supplier Promethean has announced the upcoming launch of its Collaborative Classroom technology for the education market.
These artists, both in their life-styles and in their lyrical texts, offer a kind of Promethean resistance to the acquiescent values of the mainstream church-based community.
1) He claims that no one can devise a successful Promethean alternative to the central theistic notion of God and that "no one could now conceivably believe that humanism is the spiritual force of the future, or indeed anything at all except a faint impress in the minds of a tiny and diminishing minority.