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the political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society

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Progressive movements for the working poor, the environment and economic justice will have receptive allies who can hold hearings, move legislation and force votes--even in a Congress that still has an operating conservative majority.
As an alternative to postmodernism, Nichols clearly harks back to the liberal progressive movement of the 1920s-40s, and dedicates his book to "all the workers and students fighting to save public education.
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that constant conspiracies of the enemies of the Iranian nation are indicative of the progressive movement of the Islamic Republic.
As activists confront the disappointments of the Obama era, a troubling sense of malaise and despair has crept into some parts of the progressive movement.
And so it is the task of the progressive movement to be an effective force of resistance by demonstrating in large numbers against his policies, by pressuring liberal legislators to hold the line, and by regrouping to fight another day.
Francis Calpotura recently completed a study on the impact of globalization on the progressive movement of the Philippines.
There are at least four other links that bind a progressive movement for GLBT liberation with women's liberation.
Davis, Spearheads for Reform: The Social Settlements and the Progressive Movement 1890-1913 (New York, 1976); Roy Lubove, The Professional Altruist: The Emergence of Social Work as a Career, 1880-1930 (Cambridge, MA, 1965); and David J.
John Podesta spoke about the Roosevelt Institution's important role in "organizing and amplifying the student voice into the progressive movement.
Reader CAROL CROOKS also chimes in: "I think that if you forge a progressive movement without labor, it will have the flavor of the 1920s-style, but no depth and no real power.
You are the heirs of one of the country's great traditions--the progressive movement that started late in the nineteenth century and remade the American experience piece by piece until it peaked in the last third of the twentieth century.
I would agree with him that Mutezile was the progressive movement with the greatest potential but was cut off from the mainstream.
The positive outcome, long-awaited by an initiative-weary progressive movement, may vindicate those who argued against talking race.
Originally springing from 1960s antiwar activity, the progressive movement in Vermont devised a long-term, class-based electoral strategy.
com/blog/53 - Political, personal, progressive (liberal) leaning, Arizona and national politics; cutting-edge information about the progressive movement.
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