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Progne elegans "martin sureno" y Riparia riparia "golondrina riberena", reportada eventualmente en epocas de migracion cazando insectos.
L'orrida tecnofagia, di derivazione senecana (Thyestes), e qui invenzione di Spinelli; in accordo con il mito narrato la utilizzera invece Lodovico Domenichi nella Progne (1565).
Possible breeders included species that were difficult to confirm because of secretive breeding habits, such as Blue-winged Teal (Anas discors), or they were observed infrequently, e.g., Purple Martin (Progne subis).
Visual Traits Female preferences for long tails in long-tailed widowbirds (Euplectes progne).
De la jeune Progne le ramage confus, Du zephyr, au matin, la voix fraiche et celeste, Les chants percants du coq ne reveillerons plus Ces bergers endormis sous cette couche agreste.
(XIII 592-621) Here is Progne rebuking her mutilated sister Philomela for weeping in shame at what Tereus has done to them both, a speech that studies alternatives, a speech organized around "or":
I discovered that my rocketing robin was really a swooping swallow, commonly known as the purple martin (Progne subis).
Durand, "Palemon and Arcyte, Progne, Marcus Geminus, and the Theatre in which they were Acted, as described by John Bereblock (1566)," PMLA 20 (1905): 502-28, for a translation of several accounts of the performances in 1566.
Ro <R Pall.> J <Sink> Enter Progne Itis and Lords Saunder will I Duke w Sly Hary.
HIRUNDINIDAE - Real: Tachycineta albiventer, Atticora fasciata; Null: Progne tapera, P.
ossifragus Wilson, fish crow SW R Cyanocitta cristata (Linnaeus), I A blue jay Pica hudsonia (Linnaeus), black- I R billed magpie Family Alaudidae (larks) Eremophila alpestris (Linnaeus), I C horned lark Family Hirundinidae (swallows) Hirundo rustica Linnaeus, barn I A swallow Petrochelidon pyrrhonota I R Vieillot, cliff swallow Progne subis (Linnaeus), purple I C martin Riparia riparia (Linnaeus), bank I O swallow Stelgidopteryx serripennis I O (Audubon), northern rough-winged swallow Tachycineta bicolor (Vieillot), I O tree swallow Family Paridae (titmice) Baeolophus bicolor Linnaeus, I C tufted titmouse Poecile atricapilla Linnaeus, N C black-capped chickadee P.
That he is self-conscious of this ability we see as Titus chooses to overgo Procne's revenge: "For worse than Philomel you us'd my daughter,/ And worse than Progne I will be reveng'd" (V.ii.194-95).