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Synonyms for profession

Synonyms for profession

Synonyms for profession

an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences)

an open avowal (true or false) of some belief or opinion

affirmation of acceptance of some religion or faith

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How does a profession of faith by those who are already giving of their time and talent to the church contribute to the conveyance of sound teachings?
An even stronger affirmation of the official status of the doctrine that the magisterium can speak definitively about its secondary object was made when the CDF drew up the new formula for the profession of faith. In the second paragraph after the Creed, the person making the profession says: "I also firmly accept and hold each and everything definitively proposed by the Church regarding teaching on faith and morals." (42) The CDF, in Donurn veritatis no.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have proclaimed their commitment to European security with the publication of a virtual profession of faith' in two European newspapers (Suddeutsche Zeitung and Le Monde).
What allows us to recognise ourselves as God's children are deeds, not our profession of faith. Show me your works and I'll show you your faith.
After what some considered Bill Clinton's disgrace of the presidency, Bush's profession of faith seemed to portend the return of the traditional biblical morality that Americans expected from the White House.
A gun barrel was pointed at his head, and behind him on the wall was a black banner emblazoned with the Islamic profession of faith, ``There is no god but God and Muhammad is His prophet.
Unlike a policy proposal, a profession of faith is a conversation stopper.
Kaltner offers features one would expect in an introductory book on Islam: a history of Mohammed and early Islam, the distinction between Suni and Shi'i Islam, and the well-known five pillars (profession of faith, prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and pilgrimage).
Profession of Faith. This amounts to public declaration of the fundamental truth of Islam that: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet."
Rousseau defined his creed as "a purely civil profession of faith of which the sovereign should fix the articles, not exactly as religious dogmas, but as social sentiments without which a man cannot be a good citizen or a faithful subject." Digested to its essence, Rousseau's civil religion was the mandatory worship of the state.
A week later, when O'Brien was reciting the Nicene Creed, a standard profession of faith used in church services, he added an extra paragraph, which stated in part, "I further state that I accept and intend to defend the law on ecclesiastical celibacy as it is proposed by the Magisterium of the Catholic church; I accept and promise to defend the ecclesiastical teaching about the immorality of the homosexual act; I accept and promise to promulgate always and everywhere what the church's Magisterium teaches on contraception."
We also sometimes join together in the Profession of Faith. This concludes: 'This is the Christian faith, we believe and trust in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The Humanities in the Age of Technology is a profession of faith in the humanities as a mental disposition: a disposition which employs rigorous discourse, favors holistic over partial truths, and thus contributes to an ethically grounded companionship of human beings.
Confirmation used to be the adult profession of faith. It was required for vestry voting and for communion.
So how can I make a profession of faith in the presence of my fellow human beings?
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