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truck whose contents can be emptied without handling

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The production of a three-and-a-half hour meet live on Sky every week until the summer involves 70 crew members, floor managers, 11 cameras, miles of cable, hugely expensive production trucks and two glamorous walk on girls.
The walls of the museum are actual ramps that were skated during construction and then finished with complete time lines of Indy prototypes, production trucks, early Indy ads and artifacts.
Al-Mubaraki indicated that the reason for not broadcasting football matches of Kuwait's Super Cup, first round of Kuwait Premier League and first round of His Highness the Crown Prince's Cup Championship is prevention by KFA officials of Kuwait TV's production trucks from entering the fields.
Similarly, the production trucks decreased from 304 units in July 2010 to 178 units in July 2011, the data revealed.
One key step forward: ESPN's 3D and 2D production now come off the same production trucks and cameras, a cost-effective solution some at ESPN have nicknamed "5D" (for 2D plus 3D).
With support for all broadcast video formats in a single converter box, FS2 makes it easy to match up disparate video and audio systems and is ideal for broadcast facilities, production trucks and other multi-format production environments.
The next step in all this will be real live production trucks, something that could happen as soon as the third quarter of this year.
Andrew has spent 40 years scouring Britain and Europe for major sporting and historic moments which he DOESN'T want to see - because the TV production trucks are far more interesting.
ASCN had a pair of production trucks on the north end of the field and three cameras hovering over the field on lifts.
The massed production trucks moved in yesterday and rector Brother Ken Vance says it is all hugely exciting, although he revealed the church has been used as a location for other films in the past.
Historically, the broadcast community has relied on expensive mobile production trucks and satellite uplinks to deliver news, live broadcasts and sporting events.
ClipFire is also being promoted as a suitable product for mobile production trucks, stadiums and temporary venues.
TLX24 incorporates an easy-to-use push-button front panel interface for simplified access and control, and its small form factor chassis is ideal for space-constrained applications such as broadcast control rooms, post-production edit suites and remote production trucks.
Ikegami also has long experience in producing mobile television production trucks, having produced more than 800 OB vehicles.
From the Super Bowl to the World Series to the NBA Finals to the Masters, the Hudson-based company Game Creek Video is there with one or more of its top-notch video production trucks.
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