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Synonyms for produce

Synonyms for produce

to bring forth (a product)

to bring (a product or idea, for example) into being

to form by artistic effort

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

Synonyms for produce

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Producibility issues are complicated by the blind nature of the IML of the skin being completely covered by flexible cauls and the reusable bagging system.
It includes specific practices, such as producibility analyses, identification of key characteristics and process failure modes and effects analyses.
The North Texas design team supporting Combat Systems programs has 40+ years of experience with complex casting applications, including a team of mechanical producibility engineers who serve as subject matter experts in the design application of manufacturing processes and technologies.
The research group, comprised of 14 recognized software gurus from corporate America and renowned American universities, complied with the OSD's direction to analyze current software producibility in the military and to debunk myths surrounding defense software.
Experiments to determine producibility can be performed long before the design has been sent to manufacturing, and even before it is known what type of AFP equipment will be used.
The data obtained from these processes will help establish the fluid content and hydrocarbon saturation of the reservoir, and to an extent, the permeability and producibility of the reservoir.
This will ensure producibility at multiple suppliers and help keep the design cost-competitive.
71%, while adding of LDPE will improve the potential oil producibility of oil shale.
Whittaker notes that the plays were chosen "for their quality, readability (on the page), and producibility (in performance)" (13).
The practices they employ focus on gathering sufficient knowledge about the producibility of their products to lower risks, and include stringent manufacturing readiness criteria to measure whether the product is sufficiently mature to move forward in development.
Since the teaming agreement was signed, Lockheed Martin and Starwood have been pursuing multiple utility-scale opportunities, and have invested in land acquisition, transmission, permitting, supplier base, technology development, and efficient, low cost, producibility techniques.
1) Note that increasing attention to "quality processes" (Lean/Six Sigma) and design for producibility, which is "quality construction," serves to reduce (or at least constrain growth in) ship costs.
Models are carefully evaluated for producibility, eliminating, wherever possible, problematic features like undercuts.
Rather, we should concentrate on applying simple Lean principles on bona fide processes and maintain a balanced focus on functionality and producibility (making things easier to build) during the design effort.
We also conducted a design for manufacturability review of the assembly, noting any issues affecting its producibility.