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Synonyms for prodigal

Synonyms for prodigal

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

a person who spends money or resources wastefully

Synonyms for prodigal

a recklessly extravagant consumer

recklessly wasteful

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Some day, the prodigal daughter will return home to feel the warmth of the hearth and her misplaced heart.
I founded my own practice here in 2008 and feel like the prodigal daughter who has come home.
Things go awry when prodigal daughter Nina Ostroff (Leighton Meester) returns for Thanksgiving.
As Thanksgiving beckons, the tranquillity of Orange Drive is shattered by the return of prodigal daughter Nina after a five-year absence.
EASTENDERS (BBC1) The Square's prodigal daughter returns and a dark secret finally comes out.
Most recently she has received the City of Edmonton book award for "The Prodigal Daughter.
AFTER returning from Bolivia - sorry, Brazil - prodigal daughter Sam Mitchell hissed: "Some fings never change.
Prices peaked at pounds 50,000, given by Peter Doyle Bloodstock for a colt out of Prodigal Daughter, now named Carnaby Street and in training with Richard Hannon.
Carter's reconstruction of the fascinating story of Dietrich as a prodigal daughter argues persuasively that Dietrich's absence was of great importance as a matrix to the "Third Reich" star system.
But my story is also the story of the Prodigal Daughter returning home, of being welcomed back to the banquet table.
In the lyrics, the daughter is also welcomed home, but that parental welcome is far more complicated than it was for her male counterpart: "When a girl goes home with the oats she's sown /It's draw your shades and your shutters /She's bringing such shame to the family name /The return of the prodigal daughter.
Flockhart stars as prodigal daughter Kitty, who returns to Los Angeles after spending years in New York becoming a famous right-wing radio commentator (any number of actresses could fulfill this role convincingly, but for some reason Flockhart got the part).
for the joyful moments they gave their eldest congregant and the solace they provided their prodigal daughter.
The prodigal daughter, now famous for radical moves called "skudges" and "pops" and "suicide dives," had returned, and in a cap and gown.