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(Greek mythology) a mythical giant who was a thief and murderer

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This differentiation among populations for cranium and jaw was supported by consensus configurations resulting from Procrustes analysis (Fig.
Use of generalized Procrustes analysis (GPA) to test the effects of sex and carcass weight on sensory quality evaluations of Terrincho lamb meat.
Extensions of the Procrustes method for the optimal superimposition of landmarks.
The regression analysis with the group centered scores of Procrustes coordinates as the dependent variable, and log-transformed centroid size as an independent variable (Fig.
In either event, the victim died due to Procrustes intolerance for differences.
Morpho J was used to compare the landmark positions on each shell in geometric space via Generalized Procrustes Superimposition (Rohlf & Slice 1990, Goodall 1991).
Procrustes distance matrix showed a significant difference (p<0.01) in pronotum shape between the three biomes (Table 1).
"Before long, its very popularity convinces many that there is no alternative explanation of our behavior." Even still, though, "we should not agree to spend even one night in Procrustes' bed," she added.
We measured variation in wing shape using geometric morphometries based on generalized least squares Procrustes superimposition methods.
The book is part of Taleb's multi-volume essay on uncertainty, titled the "Incerto." The collection also includes "Fooled by Randomness" (2001), "The Black Swan" (2007--2010), "The Bed of Procrustes" (2010--2016) and "Antifragile" (2012).
In particular, it might have been asked whether the unfortunate guests of Procrustes, the inn-keeper, could also be seen symbolically as consumers of health services, some of whose lives have been sacrificed from the standpoint of quality of life and longevity to the managerial idolatry of standardization.
The tpsDig software (Rohlf, 2006) was used to acquire x and y coordinates of the landmarks previously noted, and a generalized least squares Procrustes superimposition (Rohlf, 1990) was used to adjust them.
The authors used Procrustes analysis to align facial features [22].