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an official in a modern colony who has considerable administrative power

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a provincial governor of consular rank in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire

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an anthropoid ape of the genus Proconsul

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Each era, along with its American proconsuls, is presented in the richly documented detail expected from an eminent scholar and practitioner of our national security affairs.
Proconsuls had quaestors to assist them in public finance; the proconsul would normally have an advisory council and could summon locals for help.
Likewise, few could construe a civilian JIACOM leader as a provocative proconsul.
Proconsuls with knowledge of a region may have been especially desirable when there was so much upheaval and an apparent lack of manpower or financial resources to commit large armies to the field.
L'activite des proconsuls et des representants du prince dans la province de Crete-Cyrenaique au haut-empire d'apres les inscriptions," in Cites, ports, et campagnes de la Cyrenaique grecoromaine (Karthago 24), ed.
He was not a proconsul but a fine example of the kind of man who turns the dreams of proconsuls into reality, capable of dreams himself but a professional soldier to his fingertips.
But Johnson can't decide whether American soldiers are pampered imperial proconsuls with rotten values or poor dupes manipulated into miserable service careers by the Pentagon.
Its current and future proconsuls dealing with that vast area of Asia, of which Curzon had detailed personal knowledge, could do no better than follow in his footsteps, by combining a detailed and often romantic appreciation of the cultures of the region, with the Platonic ideal to be the Guardians, whose sole purpose was impartially to maintain order and justice in unruly lands.
Studies of Mughals and missionaries, of explorers and proconsuls, have reshaped metropolitan studies, including the character of imperial expansion itself.
US generals, admirals and diplomats have crisscrossed the region like modern-day proconsuls, cajoling fragile governments to permit American access and operations from their territories.
America's legions are deployed all over the globe, its generals act like proconsuls, and its ships and submarines rule the seas.
Small wonder, then, that many people who went out to the empire, as settlers or as administrators, or as proconsuls, sought to replicate Britain's social hierarchy overseas, on account of their enhanced position within it, rather than overturn it.
Since then they have developed into mammoth institutions, with huge budgets, and massive firepower at their disposal - turning the commanding officers into modern-day versions of the Roman empire's Proconsuls.
5) In contrast a variety of considerations, based on what we know of the civil and criminal jurisdiction of proconsuls and on a priori reasons of practicality, can be deployed in favour of the hypothesis that the court of the proconsul was the normal legitimate forum for the resolution of private disputes which came to it via vadimonium from local municipal courts.
Parktown was where the proconsuls of Empire lived and Herbert Baker built extensively within its apparently idyllic confines.