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advocating a woman's right to control her own body (especially her right to an induced abortion)


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Antoninus before they set out to trash the distinguished Catholic prochoice tradition.
the prochoice community have done more to address a "big
Though funding--including more than a quarter million from the mainstream prochoice organizations--was provided to get marchers on buses to Washington, D.C., in the end there were not enough resources to go around.
Baumgardner is correct that the prochoice movement has faced a difficult dilemma in mobilizing young Americans who support, but are complacent about, reproductive rights.
This study found that prochoice sentiment following the Webster decision rose more significantly among older respondents (21, 24, and 25 year-olds) than among younger ones.
They were drawn equally from the prochoice and the prolife sides.
Carroll: Can you think of any MPs off the top of your head who are prochoice when it comes to abortion?
When he was appointed, it was broadly assumed that Breyer would take a prochoice stance in the abortion debate, however, and for many progressives that was sufficient justification for supporting his nomination.
While these facts may, as Planned Parenthood says, speak loudly, it's unlikely that they say what the prochoice groups hope, since they put the fetus, even a televised facsimile, on center stage, precisely where prochoice groups don't want it.
Perez backed down pretty quickly in the face of outrage among prochoice activists within his party.
"However, because there are more prochoice than pro-life registered voters (50% to 44%), this equates to 11% of all registered voters saying they will only vote for prolife candidates and 8% saying they will only vote for pro-choice candidates--not a great advantage or disadvantage for either side."
Twenty-three states enacted 39 "prochoice" measures, such as policies to prevent unintended pregnancy.
The second belief that both the Humanist and prochoice movements share is that societal progress and reason tell us that society starts in a single moment.
While Weigand did not explicitly say that he would deny Communion to Davis, his remarks were certainly an escalation in the struggle between Catholic bishops and prochoice Catholic politicians.
Wade, it is time for the inevitable stocktaking by the prochoice movement.