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a court having jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the administration of estates

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Bibb County Probate Judge Jerry Pow told the Associated Press he has no plans to issue marriage licenses to anyone.
32) The Massachusetts Appeals Court reasoned there was no need to reach the questions of covenant reasonableness or whether the husband's insistence on a covenant was timely because the probate judge based his rejection of the covenant on a presumed lack of authority.
Leary defied odds himself early in his career, as heavy drinking behavior that had started during his school days continued over the course of a career as a private-practice attorney and probate judge.
Boorstein and Bristol Probate Judge Elizabeth LaStaiti, who talked about the struggles of American women for equal rights, Haghighatjoo said.
Sheridan, PhD, RN, candidate for Probate Judge, representing Rep.
There are two reasons every client needs a will: to minimize the tax consequences whenever property is passed from one person to another, and to make sure their family is properly taken care of Without a will, the client loses control, and a probate judge takes over and decides how the assets will be divided or disposed of--something many clients have never thought about.
A Florida probate judge, who shall remain nameless, when confronted by an eager, young probate attorney who argued for the theory of virtual adoption for his client, rolled his eyes and visibly and audibly sighed in exasperation.
The child's mother obtained a temporary injunction forcing the hospital to continue artificial ventilation so that she would have more time to arrange transfer, but after five months, a probate judge ruled that another health care provider would not be found, and life support was withdrawn.
Emilio received another reprieve April 10, when Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman decided to give both sides more time to prepare for a full hearing, which is now scheduled for May 8, CNN reported.
The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals denied the company's request to overturn a decision by a probate judge in Jefferson County, where the rehabilitation and medical services company is based.
Robert Weiss (in), MI, Genesee County Probate Judge '06
Fisher encourages consumers to carbon copy everyone from the state attorney to the attorney general to the local probate judge, as they may be able to intervene on your behalf.
After encountering some delay, including a situation in which a probate judge disqualified himself from hearing her petition, Ms.
probate judge, made several things come together in a short time.