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These schemes are popular because employees can choose the benefits they want, and part-timers can simply be given a pro-rated benefits allowance.
These grantees can count on receiving their pro-rated amount on the same schedule as in past years.
Under President Bill Clinton's health-care-reform plan, employers would have to provide part-timers with pro-rated health coverage, but workers would still have to absorb much of the cost.
1594 pro-rated to the proportion of the days that remained in the fourth quarter following the October 17, 2012 issuance of the Genie Energy Series 2012-A Preferred shares.
This amounts to full exemption from additional property taxes on the project for the first two years after construction, with the full taxes phasing in, pro-rated, over the next eight years until the building's full tax status is achieved.
Among such additional benefits that GAF will now offer to such property owners are a pro-rated labor allowance to original purchasers of shingles and a pro-rated materials allowance to subsequent purchasers (along with some labor to subsequent purchasers who acquired their shingles early in their warranty periods).
Shareholders of both Constellation and Exelon will receive pro-rated dividends in order to synchronize the two companies' dividends so that Constellation shareholders will receive dividends at Constellation's rate through the day before closing and all Exelon shareholders (including former Constellation shareholders) will receive dividends at Exelon's rate from the closing date and after.
And if you sell the home before 10 years you have to pay back a pro-rated amount remaining on the grant.
Comcast's consolidated and pro-rated affiliated operations served approximately 3.
The pro-rated dividend, which equates to 24 cents per share for the full quarter, will be payable within 30 days after the merger closes to shareholders of record at the close of business on the day before the merger is completed.
The 5-foot-11 forward, who was runner-up in the league MVP balloting last season, will earn a pro-rated portion of his $5.
5 million cable subscribers in its consolidated and pro-rated affiliated cable operations, making it the third largest cable operator in the United States.
Although pro-rated per square foot for each lease, such charges are for use and occupancy and are not indicative of the amount of electricity consumed by each tenant.
NYSE: DPL) has declared a pro-rated dividend on shares of DPL common stock in anticipation of completing the pending merger with Dolphin Sub, Inc.