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an award given annually for contributions to French literature

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In 2015, the novelist Mathias Enard was awarded the Prix Goncourt, one of France's oldest and most prestigious literary accolades, for his novel Boussole (Compass) .
Awarded annually by the Academie Goncour, the Prix Goncourt prize of just EUR10 is given for "the best and most imaginative prose work of the year".
Originally published in Algeria in 2014, Daoud's novel made the short list of the prix Goncourt and received the prix Goncourt du premier Roman for best first novel.
He is a prolific poet, essayist and novelist, a winner of the Prix Goncourt and frequent contributor to Le Monde and other Paris papers.
Born in 1945, Patrick Modiano published his first novel La Place de l'Eetoile in 1968 and in 1978 won the prestigious Prix Goncourt for his novel Rue des Boutiques Obscures (Missing Person).
For the third year in a row, France's foremost literary prize, Le Prix Goncourt, will be awarded during the fair.
Modiano's novel "Missing Person'' won the prestigious Prix Goncourt in 1978 and is among the more than 40 of his works published in French.
In his column for Algerie-Focus , Prix Goncourt nominee Kamel Daoud also notes the "growing awareness of the danger posed by satellite Salafism".
In 2011 verskyn La carte et le territoire (The Map and the Territory); dit word bekroon met Frankryk se mees toonaangewende literere prys, die Prix Goncourt.
Written originally in French and nominated for the Prix Goncourt, a translation by Jesse Browner brings the story of Paul-Jean Husson to English readers.
Unexpectedly denied the Prix Goncourt in 2005, Michel Houellebecq's The Possibility of an Island reprises themes from earlier books: the unsurpassable exquisiteness of sexual pleasure; the dismal teleology of age and decay, sagging flesh borne down to the tomb unrelieved by spiritual joy or the eschatological promise of an afterlife; persistent human brutishness culminating in an episode of apocalyptic bloodshed.
Rabat - Le Conseil de la communaute marocaine a l'etranger (CCME) a organise, lundi a Rabat, une reception en hommage a l'ecrivain marocain Fouad Laroui, laureat du Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle 2013 pour son dernier recueil de nouvelles intitule "L'etrange affaire du pantalon de Dassoukine".
Druon (1918-2009) served as Culture Minister and was awarded the Prix Goncourt among other honours.
In 1993, he received the Prix Goncourt -- usually awarded to the author of "the best and most imaginative prose work of the year"-- for The Rock of Tanios, a novel set in 19th century Lebanon in which Shaykh Francis, a Christian Arab, and his illegitimate offspring, Tanios, confront demons that engage both men with "local myths, worldwide political games, treachery, and love.
PARIS, Dhu-AlHijjah 6, 1432, Nov 2, 2011, SPA -- Natural sciences teacher Alexis Jenni won France's most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, on Wednesday with a debut novel about France's colonial wars, Reuters reported.