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Its use is intended for someone with dual access to the printed score.
Until recently no one had tried to identify the divergences between the different printed scores that came out in the composer's lifetime (e.
Wit and his Polish forces demonstrate once again (as they did in their recordings of Penderecki) that they are capable of precise musicianship in the face of what must be a daunting printed score.
With the aid of a "Sibelius" computer programe this was eventually transformed into a printed score, but not before Sir Edward had laboriously checked through it for mistakes, comparing the manuscript to vocal scores.
I recommend that teachers obtain audio recordings and printed score (if the student is able to follow a score) of the composition to hear the original work performed by organ or orchestra.
All this accords with Ravel's well-known bon mot that he had spent a year composing Le tombeau de Couperin, then a further three years removing the unnecessary notes; it can also be seen in post-publication retouches he made to his own printed score of Gaspard de la nuit (from his personal library, now deposited at the Bibliotheque nationale de France).
For the printed score the first and third acts have sensibly been collated into a volume each, but the lengthy second act is split, the birdsong extravaganza of its final tableau, "Le preche aux oiseaux," having a volume to itself'.
Without a printed score by which to measure the fidelity of a particular performance, even the most humble performer tends to take liberties with the music and play it "his way" or "her way.
The main sources for this edition are fairly straightforward: the printed score, the manuscript score, both the printed libretto and word book, and the manuscript libretto.
1800 printing of Handel's Messiah with 2 manuscript leaves at the front of the volume, Charteris deliberately excludes from the inventory the 224 pages of printed music, despite the presence throughout the volume of Vincent Novello's "annotations, which include emendations, corrections and comments about differences between the printed score and Handel's autograph manuscript" as well as "musical notes and annotations" added by Novello to the printed score.
memorization, stylistic awareness and guidance to inspire the student beyond the black-and-white colors of the printed score.
Instead of purchasing a single printed score, a library could pay about the same amount of money for dozens of titles on one easy-to-use disc--what a great deal
He helpfully explains, for example, that the registrations in the printed score of Les corps glorieux are intended for the organ at the Trocadero, where Messiaen gave its premiere.
The minutely detailed stage directions for the pantomime performed during the overture included in the printed score provide a great deal of information about the work's staging, and show that the authors and publisher found the connection between music and gesture to be of intrinsic importance.
And, since the study and subsequent performance of music requires the creation and study of scholarly editions that include information beyond that of the printed score, digital editions of music should allow for the encoding of presentation and meaning, especially of a composition's textual variants and their origins.