Bureau of Engraving and Printing

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Listening to shadow chancellor John McDonnell you might think Labour has its own presses, ready to print money.
An inline print will ease some of the recent concerns that the upside risks of inflation are increasing as the central bank continues to print money.
WORKERS are celebrating bumper bonuses - after being given a licence to print money.
This is a leap in the dark" - Shadow chancellor George Osborne on the Bank of England decision to print money.
It will in the future use the Federal Reserve to print money and buy its own debt.
I do not, of course, know what conditions if any were imposed on the M6 Toll's owners in respect of its charges, in return for permission to build it, though it is clear from your figures alone and the regularity and scale of increases in charges since the road was built that it is less a service to the region and its road-users than a licence to print money.
Remember, Fred, it was the '90s when you could pretty much print money with newsletters.
The general opinion seems to be that the people who are running this enterprise regard it a licence to print money.
Car parking is being abused as a licence to print money and that is very bad, not just for shoppers, but for our outlets who are facing increasingly stiff competition from supermarkets and out-of-town centres which offer free parking.
New licensing laws are merely a licence to print money
And due to Government inaction, banking has become a licence to print money.
Using such machines when demand is high simply means that the unit is a cash cow and a license to print money.
The problems bedeviling the marque date back to the end of Sir William Lyons' reign, and were exacerbated by overzealous business school grads-cum-marketing majors at Ford who saw the British car maker as a license to print money.
Extending the duck season seemed like a license for Stuttgart to print money, but it may have backfired.
Evens Birmingham with Chandler in a three-team war with Villa and no-hopers West Brom is a licence to print money.