Primus stove

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a portable paraffin cooking stove

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All she had was the open fire in the living room and a primus stove in the 'kitchen'.
Some people might say a real outdoor adventure should include primus stove, sleeping bag and tent.
Holder, a friend of Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Light Railway's founder, delighted in stopping his mini-train to serve sticky buns, warmed over an on-board primus stove, to guest passengers, often local children.
It was self-catering, most of which was done on a Primus stove, although I am told by my sister that there was a hut in which there were gas cookers one could use.
With one pan and a Primus stove he showed me how to run up a classic British breakfast of egg, bacon, sausages and a fantastic bubble & squeak.
Wooden sledges and skis' a heavy-duty canvas tent' a cooker designed by Norwegian explorer Nansen, atop a Primus stove' reindeer-skin sleeping bags and boots' Merino wool undergarments and balaclavas: they were Scott's team nearly a century on, reaching the Pole on January 14, with the temperature at - 35C.
`We display parts of a primus stove, which look very innocuous at first glance,' says Flynn, `but among the pieces are some leather washers in a tin.
Our Primus stove worked, but a good cleaning and servicing would have made it easier to use and more dependable.
An example of this is when a gas or a primus stove is changed to be powered by electricity.
For this, I was issued with a small Primus stove and a three-day store of tins of baked beans and mini-sausages.
"He can wash the dishes and light the Primus stove. But The Cat -- a plumber -- that repulses me."
"One of the best memories I have of those holidays is my dad crouching over the primus stove frying bacon for breakfast.
There was no toilet and cooking was done on a paraffin Primus stove.
Then there was the day that would have been bearable if we had wrapped up and invested in a windbreak, plus a Primus stove on which to heat up reviving mugs of tomato soup.
Clearly we are a million miles away from being able to promise you will pull back the curtains on any given day to see the Lord's primus stove burning merrily in the heavens.