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any of numerous short-stemmed plants of the genus Primula having tufted basal leaves and showy flowers clustered in umbels or heads

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These exotic mountains spawn giant, 10-foot lilies, exquisite primulas and jewel- like gentians.
Arrange pots of polyanthus with frost-sensitive varieties of Primula obconica and Primula malacoides, to brighten up windowsills indoors.
Primula allionii may react badly to soggy conditions during the winter so they need to be kept under glass, or have a roof made over it, using a sheet of glass.
There are hundreds of primulas to choose from, but they have one thing in common - they all have class.
B Our native primrose has been used to parent an astonishing range of polyanthus and primulas of every shape, size and colour
Expert tip: With more than 500 species and hybrid varieties it's no wonder that primulas are so collectable.
Drumstick primulas are easy to grow Pictures: GARDEN PICTURE LIBRARY
EXPERT TIP Best treated as temporary plants and discarded after flowering, primulas are an excellent choice for injecting colour into a display of greenery.
Primulas and cheeky-faced violas are the jewels of the spring garden.
Remember you can become allergic to anything at any time, even if you've been cultivating primulas for years.
This illustrated guide for general readers extolls the benefits and beauty of primulas and gives information on growing and propagating them.
It's probably because Primula sinensis, or the Chinese primrose, is one of the primulas which used to cause an allergic reaction on the skin.
And candelabra primulas are also bursting with colour in early summer, in a vast range of colours.
At this time of year, primulas and winter pansies will look great.