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the hours between 7 and 11 p

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A PRIMETIME television series will go behind the scenes at the North East's air ambulance charity.
These local conversations were amplified with a high profile media campaign which saw primetime television, radio and national newspapers throw the spotlight on eye health, while social media channels were alive with advice about how to look after your eyes.
Paul, a sound editor, who runs Cardiff Bay's Bang Post Production with his business partner Doug Sinclair, was born and raised in Ynysbwl, and through hard work and dedication has built up a company which produces soundtracks for primetime television and feature films.
Building on three fundraising telecasts in 2008, 2010 and 2012, Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), will return to primetime television on September 5 at 8 pm (EST).
Provided these findings and concurrent popular culture fallouts, one may argue that hate speech, at least as it exists on primetime television programming, is at a critical cultural juncture.
The series marks the first time a Saudi woman has been cast as a lead character in a primetime television show.
Talented children rejoice as primetime television network NBC plans a kid's version of popular singing competition, The Voice.
I am sticking by my pledge," Hollande said, during an hour-long interview on primetime television where he urged a disillusioned nation to trust that he was doing all he could to get the stalled economy back on its feet.
Our Insurance', the four-month long campaign features primetime television sponsorships, as well as print, outdoor, radio and digital ads.
The new system aims for the social security network to cover everyone in need, and especially the unemployed, said Minister of Social Solidarity Ali Moselhi on the primetime television show "Masr Elnaharda" (Egypt Today) on terrestrial TV.
Range hoods and countertops in copper and zinc from Copperworks have been featured in the past on the covers of magazines and in designer showcase homes, but this is the first time they will be on a national, major network, primetime television show.
The impressions will be voted for by the public on YouTube or the brand's website and the most popular acts will appear in ads on primetime television next month.
Summary: Veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost reckons there is not enough primetime television news.
But as one of those people who remembers when nearly all primetime television programming consisted of westerns, I'll admit there has always been a bit of cowboy in my soul, even if not my lifestyle.
The 14-track albumincludes, OFortuna, whichmade the most impact on the primetime television show; The Lion King's Circle of Life,which saved the choir in the sing-off and All That Jazz, the last song sung on Last Choir Standing.