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the hours between 7 and 11 p

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The new system aims for the social security network to cover everyone in need, and especially the unemployed, said Minister of Social Solidarity Ali Moselhi on the primetime television show "Masr Elnaharda" (Egypt Today) on terrestrial TV.
Range hoods and countertops in copper and zinc from Copperworks have been featured in the past on the covers of magazines and in designer showcase homes, but this is the first time they will be on a national, major network, primetime television show.
The impressions will be voted for by the public on YouTube or the brand's website and the most popular acts will appear in ads on primetime television next month.
Summary: Veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost reckons there is not enough primetime television news.
But as one of those people who remembers when nearly all primetime television programming consisted of westerns, I'll admit there has always been a bit of cowboy in my soul, even if not my lifestyle.
The 14-track albumincludes, OFortuna, whichmade the most impact on the primetime television show; The Lion King's Circle of Life,which saved the choir in the sing-off and All That Jazz, the last song sung on Last Choir Standing.
Young viewers will just know him as the host of Strictly Come Dancing, unaware of his varied career in showbiz over the past 66 years, 50 of which have been spent in primetime television.
Primetime television ads, billboards and promotional leaflets will all bear an angel wing, as a stylised letter B within a constellation of stars.
PRIMETIME TELEVISION HAS ALWAYS HAD A COUPLE slots for cops and robbers, but now the robbers are trying to steal the show.
The advertising spots, produced in partnership with Soho Square and OgilvyOne Worldwide, will debut on primetime television beginning at 20:00 ET on Thursday, 21 September.
CILLA Black today said her return to primetime television tomorrow night was like "going home".
She's also something of a history maker, the first real voodoo priestess to star on primetime television.
If a character in a primetime television drama says "fuck" (which violates no commandment) the phone lines hum within minutes.
Finally, there will also be a 90-minute showbiz extravaganza celebrating perma- tanned Des's 40th year in primetime television.
The Coffee Beanery has also appeared on primetime television as well.