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any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant

the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

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The Max Make-up artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury has created this clever shimmering primer to give you that glowing look while disguising wrinkles.
The Vibrance Collection primers, VP2050 DTM High-Build Primer and VP2100 Polyester Primer, create ideal foundations for custom and restoration projects.
com I AM never sure what the point of a primer is, it just seems like an extra thing to add to your skin routine.
It is compatible with other organic and inorganic zinc primers and cures rapidly to enable accelerated topcoat application.
And the primers that do sand well often suffer from build up because there's no way to get the powder out of the way so that the abrasive can continue to bite.
Many white lash primers make the application of mascara over top of them difficult and can dilute the true black finish you desire.
In this methodology, rather than broadly flanking a region of interest, the primers tie immediately on top of the putative SNP.
Adding a whole new step into your skincare routine may sound like just another thing to do, but trust us, primers are worth that extra minute.
Properly designed qPCR primers control for nonspecific amplification, secondary structures in amplicons, and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within primer-annealing sites.
They promise to make your foundation look better, we try out three face primers Clinique Superprimer Universal face primer, PS20 THIS is one of four new primers from Clinique and pretty much looked and felt like a normal moisturiser.
Primers are mysterious things which I fear we handloaders take for granted.
UP PRIMERS Make your foundation go the distance with a primer - your make-up will last longer and have much better results.
In the second step, primer annealing, the reaction is incubated at 45-65[degrees]C for 45 seconds to 1 minute; the presence of excess primers allows the complementary primers to hybridize to target DNA.
For example, the first HRV-specific primers reported (2) have subsequently been used with different RNA preparation methods, amounts of reverse transcriptase, cDNA priming strategies, dNTP concentrations, annealing temperatures (TMs), and cycling conditions (3,4).
Adhesive failure can be more difficult to determine, but can be linked to surface contamination, overheating of adhesive and primers, or poor phosphate coatings.