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a female gametocyte that develops into an ovum after two meiotic divisions

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47] were interpreted the compensatory ovarian growth as it based on an increase the number of early perinucleolar oocytes and mid-late stage vitellogenic follicles without an apparent recruitment of primary oocytes into the secondary growth phase.
The ovaries are then dried lightly with sterile paper towels and primary oocytes are recovered from 1-6 mm vesicular follicles.
In 1995, a successful human birth was reported by Frank Barnes after in vitro primary oocyte maturation (IVM), ICSI, and assisted hatching (68).
Immature ovaries could be distinguished histologically from regenerating ovaries by the diameter of the primary oocytes (W.
All adults were in sexual (mating) and reproductive (oocyte development) diapause and the primary oocytes remained tiny and translucent in female ovaries (Fig.
Spawning was completed by September with greater than 90% of all individuals in Stage 1 development with primary oocytes.
By the time of birth the oogonia enter the first meiotic prophase and are then referred to as primary oocytes.
0 Follicles are elongated and often isolated in abundant connective tissue with walls consisting of primary oocytes of homogeneous size.
In some individuals, ovaries contained only oogonia, but in other females at a more advanced stage of development and with larger ovaries, both oogonia and primary oocytes in the perinucleolar stage were present.
Oogonia Primitive germ cells of the female that undergo mitotic divisions to give rise to primary oocytes.
The number of mature oocytes in the ovarioles changes with time as the primary oocytes in the ovarioles are laid and the secondary oocytes mature: the time required for oocyte development is determined in part by available resources.
1-2, 3a-g; 11a), the ovarian germinal epithelium consists of somatic NPs and germ cells, including amitotic oogonia (AOs); irregularly or conically shaped residual vitellogenic primary oocytes (RVPOs); and a few large residual ova (Os) (Fig.
Red abalone became sexually differentiated at approximately 50 mm when primary oocytes or spermatocytes (or sperm) are first observed in the gonad tissue.
Resting Ovary containing small primary oocytes and oocytes with perinuclear nucleoli (<0.
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