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the work of caring for the sick or injured or infirm

the profession of a nurse

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nourishing at the breast

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Accountability based model of care delivery with primary nursing.
Variations to functional, team, and primary nursing have developed as a result of shortened length of stay, twelve hour shifts, and nursing shortages.
Primary nursing care, the model employed at Beth Israel, had developed as an explicit rejection of team nursing as detrimental to both nursing professionalism and patient care.
Both of these characteristics often accompany a more progressive hospital management style and are associated with primary nursing care delivery.
This supports the primary nursing approach in allowing us to better select products with the needs of each resident in mind and adapt a particular system to meet a resident's particular needs.
The PD clinic focuses around a strong primary nursing and multidisciplinary team approach.
All of the primary Nursing publications were represented.
Later, however, many hospitals moved to primary nursing where a nurse was assigned to each patient and was responsible for the patient from admission through discharge.
Solutions to these problems must be long term but properly resourced primary nursing care, delivered in all sorts of ways to high-need communities --taking services to the people rather than expecting them to come to the services--would be an immediate and effective response to what this research is telling us," Graham-Smith said.
His efforts to refocus nurses on direct patient care made him an early adopter of primary nursing.
This study provides evidence for PPMs and primary nursing as effective frameworks to positively impact nursing and patient outcomes in a hemodialysis unit.
The Center offers many specialized services and is staffed by pediatric and neonatal specialists in primary nursing and early childhood education.
The quality of management, nursing leaders and primary nursing.
Primary nursing in the outpatient setting: Is this optimum core?
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