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The pack has been written by Shazia Azhar, deputy headteacher at Spring Grove, Pete Tidy, Primary Colours creative director and former journalist Dianne Watkinson.
Primary Colours is an art project run by Knowsley council at Huyton library to link art with education, with 16 primary schools in the borough taking part.
Earlier, Jeff Pearce should be on the mark with Primary Colours in the Ladbroke Showcase Handicap (3.
Primary Colours, which specialises in cultural diversity in education, will be giving more than 80 performances to primary schools across the country on issues ranging from slavery and migration to black music and Caribbean food.
But the real innovation is the fact that you can change the background colour from that acid green to any combination of two intense primary colours.
PUT your air guitar to one side, Primary Colours are the real thing.
PRIMARY COLOURS takes the eye in the featured Port Handicap (3.